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Pascal Ungerer,Passage.jpg

'Passage' 120 cm x 100 cm, Oil and Mixed Media on Board, 2014.   

Private Collection, Ireland.

‘Ghostlands’ is a series of paintings from 2014. Part of this work was exhibited at the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art in 2014 at the Uigse exhibition at Carlow Arts Festival. 


This work builds upon the ‘No Mans Land’ series of photographs and looks at some of the ‘Ghost Estates’ that were left unfinished in Ireland after the 2008 financial crash. 


Many of these unfinished housing developments were symbolic of the economic waste that was prevalent during the ‘Celtic Tiger’ years and it forms a snapshot of places that were stuck in a stasis between construction and neglect for several years afterwards. 

Artwork 3.jpg
Untitled, 110 cm x 100 cm, Oil and Mixed Media on Board, 2014.
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