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Video extract from Edge of Place, 2016.

‘Edge of Place’ is a lens based project, including photography and video. This work was part of the MTU CCAD degree in 2016 and was subsequently exhibited in a solo show - at the Alliance Francaise de Cork in 2016 and Cork Culture Night 2016. It was also screened at Obejvak Art Studios in Prague and at USB Shuffle 5, Abteilung fur Alles Andere in Berlin in 2017.


This work examines the topography of borderland regions within Europe, particularly the regions between Eastern and Western Europe and how these areas form an intersection between people and place.


Many border areas have a shared and interconnected cultural history, but also a divided  one that is shaped through geographic reconfiguration. This work looks at the physical infrastructure of borderland regions and the socio-geographic context of this topography as well as the legacy of division and the cyclical and ephemeral nature of use and obsolescence within border areas. 

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