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'Vanishing Point' Goldsmiths University London, 2018.

‘Vanishing Point’ is an installation or work that includes a series of digital collages and a HD video.


It was exhibited at Goldsmiths University London in 2018 as part of the MFA show and has subsequently been screened at SUBURBINALE Film Festival, Austria, SOLORIS Film Festival, France, CICA Museum, South Korea, LOOP Festival, Barcelona and at Binary/Non-Binary, GESTE 2018 Paris.


It was created with help from a Cork City Council Artist Bursary Award and Goldsmiths University London. 


This work looks at places of obsolescence that lie at the edges of the built environment, montaging mirrored landscapes together to create a constructed world in a work that portrays a liminal and surreal topography of post-industrial sites, unfinished building developments, abandoned military installations and ‘edgeland’ enclaves on the margins of urban development. This work looks at habitats that don’t fit into socio-geographic norms and acts as contemplative meditation on a dystopic and uncertain future.


‘Vanishing Point’ looks at topographies that have been shaped by man, places that exist on the fringes of the built world and that have been transformed into different, almost hybrid, landscapes through their own neglect or degradation. These structures and landscape are places that exist in a temporal and finite state of erasure and decay. This work tries to capture a fleeting moment in the flux of their demise. It uses these unusual structures and topographies as a background to create a fictional landscape as a means of reflecting upon the undercurrent of ecological uncertainty and pernicious degradation - charting the slow demise of redundant architecture, waste material and corrosive landscapes.

Vanishing Point, HD Video, 2018.